Douglas County’s Kids Fishing Derby – 05/31/08

Erin, Bailey and I went to the Kids’ Fishing Derby at Lampe Park in Gardnerville, NV on Saturday. what a cool idea to get more kids into t the sport of fishing. What they do is take 6,000 trout and stock this tiny creek. Some of the fish are upwards of 6 pounds. Then they give a baited rod to pre-registered kids and let them go at it. We witnessed many fish caught and even have some pictures of real whoppers that one kid was able to land.

At 3, Bailey was just the minimum age (by one month) to participate, but by the time I went hunting for a ticket they were all gone. Next year I will register Bailey in plenty of time and she will most likely have a better appreciation for fishing by then. I will add that she asked several time if she could go and fish with the other kids, so we promised to take her fishing on the river the next day. Hopefully I will have a report on that later.