About Us

About Trout Bums on the Web

First, I realize that the name Trout Bums is pretty cliche with respect to fly fishers. I grabbed this name and moniker back in the early days of my fly fishing obsession. It has stuck, and I proudly share this name with many others who harbor the same driving desire to fish and talk about it afterwards.

The first iteration of this site was a small, relatively unknown Content Management System. The CMS served me well up until the “Big Server Crash” of 2005 over at www.cheaphosting.us. The second iteration was a big name CMS system. That was a complete catastrophe from a security perspective. From there, I loaded a static site onto my server as a placeholder and left it blank for over a year.

Finally, I have decided to devote some time and really put this site back together. I am using WordPress this time, instead of a complex bug-ridden CMS. I have found some neat plugins for WordPress that are making life very easy. There are also endless free themes so that I can make this site look pretty in no time flat, leaving more time for fly fishing.

About Freedog

My name is Brian and I am the “webmaster” of this site. I am an avid fly fisher and try to get as many days each season as time permits. Fortunately for me, I live within 15 minutes of two different trout streams and withing 1 hour of many Blue-Ribbon fisheries. If you do not know me, then the area to which I refer is the Lake Tahoe region.

I am here to tell a few stories, talk about some conservation topics, lie about my trips (hey…I am a fisherman already) but mostly just bore tell you about my fishing experiences and the current river conditions in the Northern Sierra Nevada Mountains. I hope to get a waterproof camera at some point in time, so bear with me as I spin tales with no photos to back up my claims.