Caples Lake Drawdown

Over the weekend, one of my clients told me that Caples Lake was going to be lowered for some long overdue repair on the outlet works.  It has deteriorated so badly, that it has to be replaced now rather than later.  Also this will allow the state parks service to build a new boat ramp.  As of today (7/21/08), the El Dorado Irrigation District has started the release of water from Caples Lake.  The release will continue well into September.  This means that Caples Creek and the Silver Fork of the American River will be blown out.

For the official word, click here.

2 Replies to “Caples Lake Drawdown”

  1. News of the Caples Lake drawdown for this fall is bad enough, but the long-term impacts are shocking. If the rumored post draw level is indeed 5 feet, monster Mackinaw as old as me will be gone.

    I’ve fished that lake since I was a boy. Each fall I dream of landing the big hook nose Mac that has gotten away more than once. Looks like this is one childhood dream that will sadly come to an end.

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