West Carson River – 07/08/08 Late PM

This is going to be a seriously short post because it was a seriously short fishing session.  Bailey and I were on our way back from Barton Hospital (visiting a friend in need) when we decided to stop and check out the river…it was right there, so might as well.  Bailey seemed pretty excited to go to the water, so I was excited about grabbing my rod and checking out the fishing.  Since gauging station is super convenient, the decision was to stop there.  We jam down to the water and I let Bailey pick out the fly.  A size #12 EH Caddis…not a bad choice, but a wee bit on the big side.  You ever have a 3 year old pick your fly out of the box for you?  It does not always work.  Being the dedicated father that I am, I dutifully tie it on and start casting.  About 5 casts into the outing, she starts telling me she wants to go.  I do my quick 10 cast countdown and on my last cast, a fish pounds my fly.  A nice 5″ Rainbow Parr is landed and Bailey is stoked.  But that was the end of the fishing for the night.

I noticed some Little Yellow Stones, some Caddis and that is about it.  One of these days I am going to pull the kitchen pass and get in an evening outing.