West Carson River – 06/23/08 Early AM

Another early morning and another day on the West Carson.  Water levels are getting better by the day and the water clarity is excellent.  This morning was nice and warm, so I dressed lightly and headed out the door at an early hour.

I headed to one of my favorite sections that I call “the automatic hole”.  I immediately saw bugs flying around, mostly smaller mayflies (probably PMD’s).  I tied on a small #16 winged Adams and started fishing.  I got strikes right away.  I hooked and landed two fish in quick succession with the biggest being about 10″ inches.  I switched up flies to a #16 red Humpy and continued to get strikes, mostly refusals, but I still managed to hook one small 6″ rainbow.   Another quick fly change to a #18 E/C Caddis, and another two small trout.

Wanting to see if I can hook a larger fish, I decided to tie on a pretty big flashy fly to see what was interested.  I go with the #14 Royal Trude.  I noticed that most of the smaller fish are now NOT even giving me refusal strikes, but are simply following the fly as it drifts down the current.  Not a good sign.  I try this fly for about 15 or so more drifts to no avail.  BUT…as I was haulin’ in the line, a small 6″ incher took the fly right at my feet.  This is a fly that was being dragged across the water, visible wake and all, and this fish still took the fly…go figure.

At this point, about an hour and a half has gone by and it is time to exit and head to work.