New CalTrout site by the Trout Underground

Cal TroutTom Chandler of the Trout Underground has helped implement a brand-spanking new website for CalTrout. I surfed over the the site and did not even recognize that I had landed on the page affiliated with my bookmark.  GREAT job Tom and Team Underground!

On the Northern Sierra Region page there is a great shot of Mikey Wier holding a massive fish.  Funny thing because I was just thinking about hitting up his website to see if his Soulfish 2 video is up for sale yet.  I seem to have the same addiction to Mikey’s videos as to the winter sports videos that I grew up watching.  Wonder why that is?

You can read Tom’s blog post about the new CalTrout site here or go see the new CalTrout site for yourself.

One Reply to “New CalTrout site by the Trout Underground”

  1. Thanks for the help getting the word out. CalTrout’s been dark so long that every little bit helps.

    As for that picture of Mikey, I half wondered if it wasn’t Photoshopped; the damn thing was so much bigger than the river.

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