Starting off the 2010 fly fishing season

I finally got the chance to start off my 2010 season.  I was in Denver for the SIA Snow Show and while many of my peers rallied up to Winter Park to get in a day or two of skiing with the Show crowd, I headed in a different direction.  I hooked up with a friend of mine and we headed to the infamous South Platte (Deckers section) River.

The day was shaping up to be a warm, bright and cloudless day.  It was in the mid-40’s for most of the day.  The water was crystal clear and about 200 CFS.  A perfect COMFORTABLE day to fish in Colorado.  We planned our trip so that we would be on the water around 10am and back off around 3pm.  Those are pretty much the winter sweet spots.

One valuable lesson which I keep forgetting to learn – bring cash to the mountains and rivers.  When I stopped by the fly shop to get my license, I was told they only take cash…doh!  Fortunately, I was able to call in my license over the phone and they issue a 27 digit number that you write down and keep on your person to proxy as your license.  Note to self – always have spare cash in the fishing bag.

It is true what they say about this section.  We saw fish feeding in almost all holes that we scouted.  Hooking them was the tough part.  I flailed at the water all day and came up a big fat zero.  My buddy noticed a single rising 10″ rainbow, tied on a #22 Midge, and proceeded to hook the only fish of the day.  Great job!

All-in-all, I had a great day and it felt good to get outside and have some peace and solitude.