Utah Safari Pt 1 – The Green River

After a brutal 7 hour drive from Lost Wages to Salt Lake city, I arrived at my friend Jay’s house.  He had been busy packing up his truck for our journey, so it was simply a matter of transferring my fishing gear from my vehicle to his truck and it was back on the road.  I am fortunate that Jay was willing to drive the 4 hours from Salt Lake to the Green as I was in no condition to drive anymore that day.

We arrived in Dutch John around 1AM and it was time to look for a camping spot.  Fortunately for us, we were prepared to camp in Forest Service (that means FREE) land as Jay’s truck had a shell with a padded carpet kit exactly for this purpose.  We found a suitable site with little trouble, and turned in for the night.

The next day dawned bright, cloudless, and hot by the early AM.  We cleaned up camp, grabbed a quick breakfast, and headed down to Little Hole to start our fishing trip.  The Green is a big, beautiful river filled with big, beautiful trout.  As we were walking down to the river from the parking area, we saw tons of grasshoppers jumping around.  Could this be a sign?

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