West Carson River – 06/29/08 Early AM

I woke up early this morning and headed out the door.  Out of habit, more than anything else, I decided that I was going to hit the West Carson at my usual spot.  After getting some coffee at the local 7-11 and driving the short 12 minute drive to the river, I found myself stringing up the rod is some chilly morning temps and a medium velocity wind.  Gonna’ have to dress in a long sleeve and wear waders and shed layers when it warms up.

As I stood over the bank at the gaging station hole, I saw tons of bugs on the water.  I knew that this would be another great dry fly morning despite the wind.  I quickly waded into position and checked out the bugs flying around.  Seems that there were a good combination of midges, PMD’s and even some Yellow Stoneflies floating around.  A few larger drakes were still fluttering around, and I had a nice Callibaetis land on my rod tip.  Don’t know why I saw the lone Calliebaetis, but I just assumed that it was “gusted” to the river from one of the nearby lakes.  There might even be a small hatch of Calliebaetis on this river.

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2008 CA Season about to open

Opening day – That has a nice ring to it.  Although there are plenty of waters that are open year-round, I always long for the few that you can only fish between late April and early November.  Seems fitting that opening day of the CA trout season is also nicely coinciding with the re-opening of this site…a double positive for me.

My plans for opening weekend are to hit on of the smaller rivers in the mountains surrounding my house.  Since spring runoff is pretty marginal at this point in time, the small creek fishing should be excellent.  What are your plans?