Utah Safari Pt 3 – Current Creek

After a full day of hiking and fishing on Nameless Spring Creek, we drove back into Vernal, and ate a quick meal in a restaurant.  yeah…we wimped out on the camp dinner, but we knew that we still had about 2.5 hours to drive to our next camping spot and our excuse was that we did not want to be prepping and eating dinner at 10PM.

We figured that it would be difficult to find a free and available camping spot where we were heading.  We got lucky in that as we drove up the dirt road, we found one spot in an area all alone from the crowds, above a section of river that we were going to fish the next morning…perfect!  it did rain a bit that night, but nothing that was going to cloud up the water.  All was good.

At this point we were back in known territory for me.  I have had the pleasure of fishing Current Creek the previous year and I really liked this little creek.  Technically, the Current is a tail-water, but it fishes more like a meadow stream with all the beaver dams.  The fish are very pretty and range from small to beastly.  Your average size fish is about 12″, but you have the potential to catch “a ton” of fish in the course of the days fishing.

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