Utah Safari Pt 4 – Big Cottonwood Creek

4 days, and a big circuitous loop of North Eastern Utah, I find myself back in Salt Lake City.  There is a big trade show to unpack and prepare for, but there are still three days to go before opening bell and one more fishing outing in the Utah Safari left to talk about.

After spending a few hours finalizing my booth setup on the second morning, I decide to head out fishing for the rest of the afternoon.  I have to be at the airport later that evening to pickup the boss, but I have around 8 hours to fish.  I wanted to try something new, but close.  I stopped in at the Western Rivers FlyFisher and got the scoop on what was close and fishing well.  The recommendation was to hit up the Big Cottonwood Creek just up the road.  Good thing I did as the best tip I took out of that shop was that waders were mandatory on that watershed.  On the drive up the canyon, I did not see the sign, but at the parking area on my way out, I witnessed a warden giving a fisherman a stiff warning for not heeding the rules.  I hunted for the sign on the way down and sure enough, it was posted.  I bet it was in the proclamation as well, but who reads all the fine print.

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