Utah Safari Pt 1 – The Green River

After a brutal 7 hour drive from Lost Wages to Salt Lake city, I arrived at my friend Jay’s house.  He had been busy packing up his truck for our journey, so it was simply a matter of transferring my fishing gear from my vehicle to his truck and it was back on the road.  I am fortunate that Jay was willing to drive the 4 hours from Salt Lake to the Green as I was in no condition to drive anymore that day.

We arrived in Dutch John around 1AM and it was time to look for a camping spot.  Fortunately for us, we were prepared to camp in Forest Service (that means FREE) land as Jay’s truck had a shell with a padded carpet kit exactly for this purpose.  We found a suitable site with little trouble, and turned in for the night.

The next day dawned bright, cloudless, and hot by the early AM.  We cleaned up camp, grabbed a quick breakfast, and headed down to Little Hole to start our fishing trip.  The Green is a big, beautiful river filled with big, beautiful trout.  As we were walking down to the river from the parking area, we saw tons of grasshoppers jumping around.  Could this be a sign?

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Been awhile – Time to catch up!

I have been nose to the grindstone for about six weeks.  Do not think that I have forsaken fly fishing or you, dear reader.  It’s just that if the decision is between spending my free time fishing, or writing about fishing, the former wins the battle every time.

I have several short blog entries covering the rivers fished and the places traveled in the last month.  Coming down the pike is a multi-part story of my fishing safari in Utah, a few entries about some local fishing back on the home front, and a few crazy stories thrown in for good measure.

The Utah safari came to fruition due to the fact that I attended a trade show in Lost Wages (Las Vegas to the foolish), followed by another trade show in Salt Lake City.  There was exactly 5 days in between shows…perfect for a short fishing excursion.  A call to my college buddy Jay, and the plan was hatched.  Our list of rivers fished includes the Green, a small spring creek that shall go unnamed, Current Creek, and Big Cottonwood creek on several occasions.

On the home front, it will read like you have been reading all along – the West Carson and the East Carson in both the NV and the Special regs sections.

Enough priming for now.  Time to get on with the stories.

Some DFG Stocked fish love – 05/03/08

Living and working within 10 minutes of two nice rivers has it upside. A lunch break, actually an extended lunch break, can get one a solid hour on the river with the total time away from work exceeding no more than 90 minutes.

Since flows are starting to pump, I decided to hit the smaller of the two rivers as it is not as ravished as the bigger river during runoff. Upon arriving at the West Carson River I noticed another car in my usual parking spot, so I wheeled downstream into the canyon section. I quickly rigged up and was on the water without delay. Fishing lunch breaks are all about moving rapidly. The water is much higher than normal, but only slightly off-color. I toss in the thermometer and it read 46 degrees…perfect! No bugs in evidence, but I had already decided at the truck that I was going to probe fast and roily pocket water with a heavily weighted nymph setup.

I worked my way down to the automatic hole and by my third drift…BINGO…I’m into a cool 10″ stocked Rainbow. 20 more drifts produced 2 more strikes, but no hookups. The automatic hole will normally produce a few fish before the entire hole needs to be rested. Maybe it was the higher flows, the tinted water, or the still slightly cold temps, but there was only one fish to be had this lunch break.

Time to head back to the car and go back to work.