Little Truckee – Flowing high but fishing well

With flows on most rivers at the blown out stage I have had to put some time on the Little Truckee river to satisfy my fishing needs.  While the river is nowhere near it “normal” flows, it is running clear and the fish are hungry.  Needing to get out, I left Reno after work and a short time later was parked at the upper lot and making my way downstream to a few of my favorite holes.

I managed to hook two very nice fish in the slack water.  The first first took my San Juan worm in a seam and put up an good fight.  The second fish took the Hare’s Ear nymph and ran my quite a distance down river in the fast water.  A combination of water levels that are 8 times above normal, tons of fast water and a decent 14″ trout challenged me to land this fish.  Its initial run took me clear into my backing, an event that is not common on a small trout stream.  It took a bit of running downstream to recover line and catch up with the trout.  By the time I got it into some slack water, both of us were tired.

A quick two hour session netted two fish and a very happy fisher.